Girl Who Made Sex Tape In Oregon College Library Making New Waves

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Last year, 19 year-old college student Kendra Sunderland made a video of herself stripping in the Oregon State Library. She was making many videos for the webcam sex site at the time, so she didn’t think much of it.

Since making the video, Sunderland has dropped out of college to pursue her career on MyFreeCams full time. The young woman had always dreamed of becoming a model, but her career appeared to be going nowhere: until last week. It was then that someone uploaded her library video to, and it quickly went viral.

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The video got her slapped with a citation from police, resulting in a fine that could be as much as $6,250 and up to one year in jail. Despite this, Sunderland, who has always dreamed of posing in Playboy, believes this might be a small price to pay considering this could very well launch her career.

“When I first started working for MyFreeCams, I was hoping that it would open to modeling and doing magazines and shoots like that,” Sunderland said, according to New York Daily News. “I knew that eventually everyone would see everything about me and see me naked. I just didn’t think that would happen so fast and have my actual name on it.”

“I’m not like most other girls that are insecure with their bodies or don’t want to show off,” she added. “I’ve always been the type of girl who’s not afraid to show off, so I didn’t feel weird about it.”

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Sunderland began working at MyFreeCams in October, and she quickly began making around $150 an hour there. She immediately knew she had found her calling.

“Working a minimum wage job, there’s people that are just mean to you when they’re having a crappy day,” she said. “On MyFreeCams, (users) had nothing but nice things to say. And I made way more than I would working any other job.”

One night in October, she filmed the infamous library video, in which she flashes her breasts and masturbates as oblivious students walk around behind her. Sunderland made the video because users told her that a public place video could result in big bucks, and they weren’t wrong. She made $700 for an hour of work that night.

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Though she loved making the video, she doubts she will make another public place film anytime soon.

“After that, I just thought about the consequences and what could’ve happened,” she said. “It definitely made me not want to go back.”

OSU has since banned Sunderland from their campus, saying her behavior “does not represent the values of the university.” She has also been banned from MyFreeCams, where she was making up to five videos a week before her library video went viral. The site said they banned her because she violated their terms with the library video.

These bans matter little to Sunderland, who says she has already completed one professional photo shoot and has many offers rolling in. When asked if she would let her future daughter make webcam videos, she had an interesting response.

“If it makes her happy, sure,” Sunderland said. “I could probably give her some pointers.”

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