Obama Might Leave the White House Sooner Than We Think

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The Republican-controlled house has started discussing the possibility of impeaching President Obama, according to the Conservative Tribune. The option is being considered due to Obama’s refusal to compromise with the Republicans as well as his lack of accountability.

Congressman Tom Marino of Pennsylvania reportedly hears his colleagues in the House discussing impeachment on a regular basis. We are “finally getting close to that,” he told one reporter.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

It appears that some in the ranks of the GOP have become emboldened by their new majority, particularly some of the newer members, whose spirit hasn’t yet been sucked dry by Washington, D.C.

Freshman Rep. Brian Babin from Texas has outspokenly declared that Obama “deserves impeachment.”

He is joined by Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, who is not only calling for the impeachment of the president, but jail time for him as well.

Brooks is of the opinion that many of Obama’s actions are utterly illegal — and, therefore, worthy of jail time. For example, Obama has continued to defy court orders.

Many on the right hope that conservative politicians will not merely talk, but actually take action on their impeachment claims. Given that Obama has consistently broke the law and acted unconstitutionally, it is clear that he does not belong in the White House.

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