This Mass Murderer Was Just Invited To Dine With Obama At National Prayer Breakfast

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Two days ago, Greta Van Susteren broke a shockingly despicable story on Twitter: Sudanese Foreign Minister had been invited to dine with Obama at the National Prayer Breakfast.


Karti is a notorious high ranking official in the Sudanese government who has been implicated in numerous war crimes and genocides. According to Conservative Tribune, he got his start as the leader of the Popular Defense Forces, which committed unspeakable atrocities throughout southern Sudan during the 1990s.


Karti also supported and enforced decrees that expelled U.N. humanitarian aides from his country. He is part of a government that is a farce, and one that is made up of violent man who have been internationally indicted for war crimes. Karti’s Muslim government has waged genocidal war on Christians and anyone else who doesn’t believe in Allah.

This seems like quite an odd figure to invite to the National Prayer Breakfast, an event meant to stand for unity and serves to make the world a better place. The only place Karti should be invited to is prison, not a fancy breakfast about faith.

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