New Scandal Engulfs White House, Obama

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Barack Obama could be in hot water this week as known terrorist associates Walid Sharaby and Mohammed Gamal Heshmat sent tweets celebrating a meeting with “a representative from the White House.”

Yes, the Obama administration is making time to meet with known jihadist leaders.

Sharaby is wanted for treason in Egypt, where he was removed from his position on the “Judges of Egypt” judicial disciplinary committee during the elections after the “arab spring.”

According to Conservative Tribune, this committee was later found to have ties with the Muslim Brotherhood, a known terrorist front group. Incidentally, Egypt acknowledges this organization as a terrorist group, but Obama will not.

Sharaby has made a habit of defending groups like ISIS, boko haram, and al Qaeda, arguing that a group that believes in “Allah and Muhammad” cannot also be a terrorist group.

“They arrest you, they kill you, they beat you, they burn you, they falsely accuse you,” Sharaby said in a Facebook post. “And if you come out of your closet in anger, they call you extremist. But why should I not be extremist towards my religion and Islam? Is this an accusation deserving that I flee? The hell with you prostitutes.”

As for Heshmat, he often poses in pictures with Hamas leader Khalal Meshaal and calls Jews “the descendants of pigs and monkeys.” He has praised the Hamas attacks on Israel as a “blessed movement” of “throwing stones… stabbing…IED…to martyrdom operations in the heart of the Zionist Entity.”

It’s sickening that these are the people Obama chooses to meet with, as he continues to ignore the Prime Minister of Israel.

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