Controversial $1 Million Obama Purchase Will Make You Sick


February 3, 2015 1:04pm PST

Back in 2009, just after Barack Obama sadly took office, he took his wife Michelle on an extravagant “date night ” to New York City to see a Broadway show.

Three jets of security staff accompanied the Obamas to New York and back so that the first couple could have a fancy dinner in Manhattan before seeing the play Joe Turner’s Come and Gone, which is about black workers in the early 1900s.

According to The Mirror, the one night date cost a staggering $1 million. Mind you, this was right in the middle of the recession, when every hard earned dollar meant everything to most Americans.

The president tried to justify his extravagance by saying during his brutal campaign, he had promised Michelle that he would take her to see a Broadway show as soon as they got a night off.

And so began the selfish regime of King and Queen Obama.


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