Eric Bolling Slams Jesse Ventura

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Fox News host Eric Bolling sent Jesse Ventura a strong message this week.

Ventura sued the widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle for millions. Bolling, who is furious with Ventura, said that the ‘American Sniper’ film is breaking records thanks to the “moronic comments from the anti-war commies on the left.”

Bolling said, “Jesse, you got your money from them. But apparently that’s not enough and you called a hero a liar. Wow, what a tough guy you are, Ventura. The man is dead. He can’t defend himself anymore, you old, washed-up wrestler of a fool.”

The Fox News host then turned his attention to a bar fight that supposedly happened between Ventura and Kyle. He said, “Look, I don’t know if Chris Kyle punched you in the mouth in that bar or not. What I do know is that, on behalf of all the heroes who serve and those of us who actually appreciate their sacrifice, you sure deserve one.”

Do you agree with Bolling? Let us know if you support Chris Kyle in the comments section below!

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