Gutfeld Obliterates “Pale-Faced Pop Tart” Marilyn Manson

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Earlier this week, Fox’s Greg Gutfield slammed Marilyn Manson for his “risk-free rebellion” of mocking Christians and saying the Charlie Hebdo editors may have deserved to be killed.

On Thursday, Manson responded to Gutfield with a series of ridiculous tweets that show just how ignorant he is.

“I’m so sad that the “racist”[email protected] wasn’t afraid what would happen when he opened his [****ing] mouth. God bless you,” Manson tweeted, according to Fox News Insider. He later followed that up with, “Have at it kids. Whatever you do, make sure it’s biblical.”

On his show that night, Gutfield took the opportunity to respond to Manson’s remarks:

“So, when this pale-faced pop-tart realizes he has no argument, he tweets, ‘racist.’ Worse, when he can’t fight his battles, he asks his fans – all presumably still sleeping under Pokémon sheets – to do it for him.”

“I’ll never be able to shop at Spencer’s Gifts again for faux leather wrist bands.”

“But here’s the real point: he asked that his followers make their attack on me ‘biblical.’ So, demanding your rabid followers exact retribution for an insult, a blasphemy… doesn’t that sound oddly familiar?”

You should probably quit now, Manson. This is one battle you aren’t going to win!

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