BREAKING: Islamic State Commander Has Died

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I feel like I should be sad…but somehow, I am not. The Conservative Tribune reports that Abu Muhammad Al-Amriki, a commander of the Islamic State group who claimed to have been an American, has died.His precise cause of death was as yet undetermined, as was the legitimacy of his claims of U.S. citizenship. His name, Al-Amriki, means “American,” however.

The video was released shortly after Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson warned that Islamists in Syria were recruiting Westerners who could travel to the Middle East for training and then return to the United States, potentially carrying out attacks against the homeland.

“Al-Amriki has a heavy accent when speaking English and might have only spent a short amount of time in the U.S. or migrated there at an older age,” Flashpoint Intelligence reported.

Al-Amriki “rose up the ranks of the group very quickly,” they added.

Welll, this non-partriot won’t earn any tears from me. My granddaddy didn’t fight wars for me to flip allegiance to piles of crap like this. His renouncement of my country is a renouncement of all I believe in.

All I can hope for is that its either a bullet wrapped in bacon or pig’s blood, hopefully shot by a woman that caused his death. I’d send her a giant bouquet of flowers.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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