How Obama is Punishing States that Disagree

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Putting on the mom hat right now, and saying shame, shame, SHAME on you Obama for the sad way you are ‘getting back’ at the states that didn’t agree with you during midterms. Didn’t your mama teach you the Golden Rule? Do unto others as you would like done unto you? Well, I guess we already KNOW that answer, since we see the way you treat the American public.

I digress. Our beloved Obama, and his underlings in the administration, have warned those that oppose them in the past that “elections have consequences.”

Though, apparently, not for them.


The challenges brought to them by the 2014 midterms have shown a crafty, dark arts side to the Obama White House- they have been exacting retribution and delivering consequences to those who have previously opposed the regime.

According to the Conservative Tribune, Republican-leaning states have suffered financial consequences at the hands of the Obama administration, as they have received less federal aid and grant money than blue states, according to one report.

A study showed that between 2009 and 2013, discretionary funding for various programs dropped by as much as 40% in red states like Texas and Oklahoma. Conversely, solidly blue Democrat states and the purple swing states saw a drop of only about 25% in funding received.

Texas Republican Rep. John Culberson said that he has had extraordinary trouble securing federal funds from the administration to pay for things like border security, harbor dredging or even basic aid after a chemical plant explosion in his district.

This is such garbage. Obama playing favorites, yet again, should come as no shock to those of us paying attention. Please note, that while Congress does
hold the federal wallet, the administration is the one deciding where that money goes.

Responding to the allegations, the White House put out a vague, non-response of a statement: “The administration supports allocating federal grants based on objecting (sic.) criteria that will help protect taxpayer dollars and ensure that lawmakers are responsible and accountable to the American people.”

Are you surprised? Yeah, me either. Obama and his cronies are usually up to no good, and they certainly don’t like being called out on it. Using federal funds to control his ‘enemies list’ is exactly what is wrong with politics these days.

Maybe Congress can take a hard look at this and take control of the federal spending soon. The so-called ‘discretion’ of the Obama Administration is a joke.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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