Speaker Boehner: GOP will SUE Obama

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Finally. Boehner gets a spine, and admits that they will, in fact, sue the president. Hallelujah!

GOP leaders are working on a plan to actually stop the crazy moves Obama was trying to pull curbing deportation, says the Daily Mail.

‘The president’s overreach when he took executive action to deal with the immigration problems in our country, frankly, in my view, is a violation of our Constitution,’ Boehner said during a ‘Special Report with Bret Baier.’

‘We believe that the filing of a lawsuit to try to stop the president from – from violating our Constitution is an important step for our institution,’ he added. ‘This isn’t about immigration. This is the president violating the Constitution, violating his oath of office, and frankly, not upholding the rule of law.’

John Boehner

Several options on the table include filing of a separate lawsuits or joining the states. Measures have already passed in the House but will likely fail the Senate. Just six votes short in the Senate, there has to be some Democratic support. Uncertainty from where has left many conservatives frustrated, believing immigration should be the top priority.

It should be a top priority, but let’s be honest here. Our Government is like a spoiled child, used to making blanket statements and getting away with murder. (Literally, murder. I didn’t forget Benghazi) We need to take back America, one little piece at a time. Get Americans used to what the status quo should be. This can be fixed, but not if we are so greedy that we do it sloppily. Tread lightly and carry a big stick, my friends.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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