Obama Makes MAJOR Move Against Domestic Drilling

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President Obama seems to do whatever he can to hamper the progress of America. The list is endless, but his most recent action is to pressure Congress to close off about 12 million acres of Alaskan land. Why? Because oil and gas production takes place there. Of course, Democrats are claiming that the ‘reason’ behind the plan is to protect the environment.


“Just like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of our nation’s crown jewels and we have an obligation to preserve this spectacular place for generations to come,” said Interior Secretary Sally Jewell.

Obama’s agenda is crystal clear to anyone with a brain. He’s trying to create unneeded boundaries around the petroleum industry.

According to the Conservative Tribune, The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge contains a significant amount of oil, which could be vital to increasing America’s energy independence and reducing the country’s addiction to Middle Eastern oil sources.

“It’s clear this administration does not care about us, and sees us as nothing but a territory,” stated Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.

She also pointed out that Alaska should make its own decisions about the land within the state. “What’s coming is a stunning attack on our sovereignty and our ability to develop a strong economy that allows us, our children, and our grandchildren to thrive,” she said.

Barack Obama, our fearless leader, seems to hate energy independence as much as we hate ObamaCare. Pro-drilling groups have insisted that oil technology is advanced enough to access the valuable oil underneath ANWR, while also preserving the natural environment. But Obama has blocked things like Keystone XL with such vehemence, it really makes you question where his loyalties REALLY lie.

Gee, for a ‘progressive’, he sure doesn’t like to progress much, does he?

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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