Teacher Takes Phone, Student Bodyslams Teacher VIDEO

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A  new video has surfaced showing the absolutely abysmal state of the public education system in the United States. The unnamed teacher, a 62 year-old physics teacher, confiscated a cell phone belonging to an unnamed 9th grader and was promptly assaulted.

A few things stand out in this video compared to behavior expected in days gone by.

  1. Why did a student have a cell phone in class? Who did he need to call or txt?
  2. Why did the student expect he could break the rules and not face any consequences?
  3. Why did not a single bystander attempt to intervene and assist the teacher?
  4. Why did the teacher not attempt to defend himself?

The answer to all of these questions is, of course, rampant political correctness and absent parents. Today, if a child wants a cell phone he should not only get it, but have unfettered access to it whenever he/she would like it. The student was likely watching videos of other students attacking teachers, pure conjecture there. Students are no longer taught to respect those in authority over them. The effective removal of God from U.S. culture has also eliminated practically every moral and ethical standard ever held in this great nation. Consequences? How dare an authority figure hold a teenager responsible for his actions. That is no longer allowed. Children are also no longer taught to assist individuals in need…that’s the government’s job.

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The vast disparity between charitable contributions by liberals and conservatives has been well documented. If one believes individuals are responsible for society, they contribute to charity, join the military, and help their neighbor. Those who believe the government is the source of all assistance, i.e. welfare, free education, free everything, see no reason to intervene. The teacher in this case, was in the untenable position of knowing that if he made any effort to avoid the confrontation, his job could be in jeopardy. One is not allowed to lay a hand on a student, even in self defense. Plus, this kid’s parents/guardians would likely have filed a law suit had the teacher made any effort at all to avoid the attack.

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Pathetic. The wussification of American society has led us to the point where kids don’t know their place and do not respect their elders. Adults live in a perpetual state of fear and therefore do not discipline said children…and will not even defend themselves when attacked. Sensitive men and the ultra acceptance of every deviant behavior has weakened the U.S. in every conceivable way. Where have all the real men gone? Fortunately, this teen was arrested and has been suspended from school. Perhaps there is a little hope.

Written by Holly Rennels

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