Ted Cruz to Re-present Ex-patriot Terrorist Act

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Happy Days are here again. As a Republican controlled Congress has already set a record for taking up more bills in a week than Harry Reid’s senate did in all of 2014, legislation to strip U.S. born terrorists of their citizenship may have new life according to the Conservative Tribune.

Ted Cruz, (R) presented his Ex-Patriot Terrorist Act to the House before. It passed and died on Harry Reid’s desk. He is now reintroducing the bill that strips U.S. citizens who take up arms with ISIS and other terrorist organizations of their citizenship. Anyone who leaves the country for such a sinister purpose will have their citizenship revoked, passport invalidated, and will have to survive in the bed they make with the terrorists.

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Cruz is also taking Obama on in a video response to the tactics this POTUS has taken in the war on terror. Claiming Obama says one thing and does another, Cruz is planning to prove the hypocrisy of this administration.“President Obama’s approach to foreign policy refuses to acknowledge the threats our enemies pose to our national security—it is detached from reality and making the world a more dangerous place,” according to Cruz.

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Is stripping U.S. born terrorists enough to combat home-grown radicals? Of course not. It is merely one action that can be taken to send a clear message to would-be terrorists, ‘you can’t come home again.’ Most Americans would have expected laws to already be on the books to address citizens who take up arms against their homeland. Since the law has not quite caught up with the current state of the world, this legislation could serve a greater purpose for years to come allowing America to defend herself from returning ex-pats who have taken up arms against her.

Written by Holly Rennels


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