Animated Video About Genitals, Targeted To Children 3-6, Ignores ‘Transgender’

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Some things are too disturbing to be made up. This video falls into that category. Progressives in Sweden feel the mustache on the penis and long eyelashes on the vagina confirm stereotypes. There are also concerns that the transgendered might not be properly represented by the dancing cartoon genitals.

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Where to begin? First, since the beginning of time the only physical options for genitals have been a penis and a vagina. Whatever “transgender” is, is a creation of the 21st century and involves a state of mind, not a new sex organ. Secondly, children 3-6 barely even know they have genitals, those are for ‘going potty’. Transgender is a conversation for a little later life stage.

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Finally, what, exactly, is the purpose of this stupid video? Do kids at this age need to know what genitals look like? This warped, progressive, hyper-sexualizing of children borders on abusive. Unfortunately, there will be American progressives clamoring to get their hands on a similar “educational” video, corrected to represent all races and religions equally…possibly an uncircumcised penis in a variety of colors and perhaps a mutilated vagina for the radical Islamists…to shove down the educational throats of Americans.

What is this world coming to?

Written by Holly Rennels

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