The Black Identity Gets Its Own News Division: NBCBLK

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Unfortunately,  you read that right. NBC has joined the American conversation on race, not by trying to encourage unity, but by creating an entire digital news platform dedicated to black people. Once upon a time, a very brilliant man had this dream that people would judge each other on the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. It was on his day and claiming to honor his legacy that NBC launched a racially divisive, culture war embracing BLK channel.

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Its astounding, actually, that a mere 50 years after desegregating schools, restaurants, and other public places that some in America are voluntarily re-segregating her. Multi-culturalism has turned the American melting pot, where every community adds something to the flavor of a greater American culture into more of a stew where everyone just wants to come here for the free stuff and retain every facet of the culture from which they came…sharing nothing.

NBCBLK is being hailed by some as just a subdivision of NBC focused on elevating black culture similar to their Latino channel. The glaring difference, however, is that news outlets often offer a Latino version of their regular programming in the language of the Latino community, i.e. Spanish, and do not actually slant news coverage to target Latinos, for the most part.

In 2009, NBC launched Grio, which is also dedicated to the African American community, culture, and experience. Two platforms for blacks only exist now at NBC. Is that even legal? It seems a lot of the language in the civil rights legislation from the 1960s would not support such a ‘separate but equal’ approach to, of all things, the news. Do black people need a different news source than whites or Asians? When this type of approach is taken, it usually means one of two things: 1) Blacks are inferior and need access to news they can understand or 2) Blacks are superior and require elevated news coverage. Both are bogus and offensive.

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Just like black people who are brilliant don’t need affirmative action to dumb down standards for them, this type of segregation should be offensive to all Americans. Aren’t we supposed to be living in a post racial society? Do we not have a bi-racial POTUS? Is the First Lady not black? Are black athletes, entertainers, and professionals not compensated at the same rate as everyone else?

The truth shall set the U.S. free and the truth is that the myriad problems in the black community are the result of institutional dependency driven by the self-proclaimed leaders of the black community. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson have highjacked Dr. King’s dream for equality and created an entitlement driven culture that has destroyed the black family. The secret to success in the United States of America is the same for citizens of every color, creed, and religion. It is simple, but requires a little hard work. Take advantage of the free high school education tax payers willingly offer every American. Graduate, get a job, and look for ways to further your education so that you can one day get a better job. Don’t have children before you get married and don’t have children you can’t afford. Refuse to take a handout and make your own way. The world doesn’t owe you anything you don’t go earn for yourself.

The white news is not the problem and black news is not the solution. Bootstraps, ladies and gentlemen, everyone needs to grab some and pull themselves up. Shame on you NBC, you should be telling the truth to all Americans, not pandering to just the black ones.

Written by Holly Rennels

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