Greta and Reverend Franklin Graham Have an Elevator Scare in Hanoi

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“If it goes down, I’m going up.” Those confident words were uttered by Reverend Franklin Graham as he and Greta Van Susteren were stuck in an elevator after dropping 4 floors inexplicably. This footage was taken moments after the “jerk and drop” the Fox News Channel host described.

Roughly 10 minutes after the terrifying incident began, it ended with all passengers crawling to safety by doors forced open.

The group was headed to the Hanoi offices of Samaritan’s Purse, a mission outreach founded and facilitated by Reverend Graham. Van Susteren has often accompanied this organization to sites around the globe. Graham appears at relative ease when he tells Greta, “this is another one for the record books.”

Though no one was injured, there appeared to be some mistrust of the elevator in the “oldish” Vietnamese building. The group both continued to their destination and later exited the building by taking the stairs, all 32 flights.

Written by Holly Rennels


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