Government Caught Phone Tapping In Malia Obama Scandal


January 23, 2015 11:49am PST

A few weeks ago a shocking photo was leaked of Malia Obama wearing a T-shirt advertising Pro-Era, a rap group known for their violent, anti-police lyrics.

Now, the group’s frontman Joey Bada$$  is accusing the government of tapping his phone as they investigate the image. According to Mediaite, while appearing on radio show Sway In The Morning, the rapper had this to say:

“My phone is tapped at the moment, yeah. When you have the leader of the free world’s daughter wearing your shirts and all of that, I guess they start to investigate. They got my whole crib surrounded. I mean, I believe it. I don’t sleep. I hear the clicks on my phone.”

Skip to the 3:20 mark in the video above to see Joey Bada$$’s full story of the phone tapping. The rapper’s accusations could very well be true, as insiders have admitted that the White House has launched an investigation into the photo.


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