[VIDEO] One Popular Congressman Gives Obama and Radical Islam Holy Hell

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Louie Gohmert is fast earning his reputation as a hard hitting, take no prisoners kind of guy. He certainly minces no words when telling the Congress-and the President- what is on his mind.

He is known for accusing Obama of treason on House floor, he has reamed the D’s for their flagrant disregard of handling the VA. I’m glad Gohmert has my six, because I sure as shoot wouldn’t want that anger coming my way.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a recent discussion on the House floor revolving around the White House’s refusal to call the recent radical Islamist attacks in Paris “radical Islam,” he completely destroyed Obama, his administration, and the left, and called them out for their lack of ability to publicly name the West’s number one enemy.

“The truth is, as much as this president doesn’t want to say it, and he doesn’t allow his spokespeople to say it, I will say it, Mr. Speaker,” Gohmert firmly stated. “This is radical Islamic terrorism, and it is a threat to Western civilization!”

You said radical Islamic Terrorism. I think I’m in love. What a guy.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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