Creepy Japanese Sex Doll Market Reaches A “New Level”

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Well. According to the Daily Mail, one Japanese company, they have reached the “next level” in sex dolls. It comes with realistic looking skin, eyes and hair. The new dolls are of a high quality silicone, with the ability to chose eye color, skin tone, and over 35 different colors/styles of hair. One might think at first glance that it’s an organic girlfriend.

Japan Invents High Tech Realistic Looking Sex Dolls

Just kidding! She’s not going to clean your kitchen or grab you a beer, but she looks right at home, doesn’t she?

These dolls are marketed as Dutch Wives, and go so far as to claim anyone who buys one won’t want an organic girlfriend ever again. Right, because I wouldn’t be creeped out to go into some guy’s house and see this doll hanging out on the bed – or anywhere, really. More like “if you buy this doll plan on being alone for the rest of your life because it will scare away any future marriage material” or “I am a giant Barbie impossible to hide from your wife”

Anyway- everything on her is customizable, from breast size to eye color. Her hands and joints move for ‘complex poses’. She is light enough so that someone with a disability or a senior can easily move her around. I can see where a widower who has always had his wife by his side could definitely use this for night time companionship, sex notwithstanding. Maybe this is a good, albeit creepy, thing. All I can say is I’m not getting one.

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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