Obama Just Did This to Help Convicted al Qaeda Terrorist

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Obama just did something to help al Qaeda that could have a devastating impact on our country.

The president just released Ali Saleh Kahlah al-Marri, a convicted al Qaeda operative who was planted in the U.S. as a sleeper agent by the ruthless Khalid Sheikh Mohamed. al-Marri has already been shuffled out of America and returned to his native Qatar.


al-Marri was originally supposed to be part of a second wave of terrorist attacks planned to take place immediately after 9/11, but he was caught by American authorities instead. Unlike most of his peers, al-Marri was held at a federal penitentiary in the U.S. instead of Guantanamo Bay.

al-Marri was detained as an enemy combatant rather than being charged in court. This means his release is a victory for the idiots on the left who think our government have been too harsh with terrorist suspects.

Many enemy combatants released by Obama have ended up fighting for ISIS, so we’d place money on that being exactly where al-Marri is headed now.

Nice move, Obama.

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