Obama Panics After Former Aide Writes Tell-All

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A former Obama aide is coming out with a memoir in February, and the president should be very afraid.

Reggie Love was Obama’s personal aide back on the 2008 campaign trail. He spent thousands of hours with the future president traveling around the country looking for votes. His new memoir, Power Forward: My Presidential Education reveals some of Obama’s strangest quirks, as well as his diva-like behavior.


For example, Obama was apparently a very picky eater on the campaign trail. “No gum wrapped in tiny papers. No energy bars with fruits. Salads only in emergencies. … Nothing battered or fried,” Love wrote of the president’s diet.

Despite the fact that his whole team was on the road, Obama regularly guilt tripped any staff member who dared to eat fast food. Love remembered a time when he asked to get Wendy’s, and the president shut him down.

“That stuff will kill you.” Love then asked, “Even McNuggets?” “Reggie, you won’t be young forever,” replied the president.

Obama’s obsession with health did not extend to smoking, however. Despite quitting cigarettes, Obama was desperate to get his nicotine fix.

Love said Obama’s standard nicotine order is “Nicorette regular flavor 2 milligrams.”

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Obama was apparently also a huge diva about his shoes.

“Shoes were always the biggest challenge for the senator,” wrote Love. “The man was particular about his feet. He wouldn’t just throw on any old pair of mukluks. They had to look a certain way, feel a certain way. Anytime he couldn’t wear his favored dress flats, it was an issue.”

Yikes…THIS is the man we elected twice?!

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