BREAKING: Terrifying Incident Suggests Ebola Is Back In U.S.

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A healthcare worker from Sierra Leone was pulled off a United Airlines flight in Newark on Monday after showing signs of Ebola.

The woman, who is being kept anonymous, reportedly vomited onboard the flight from Brussels to Newark, and also suffered from a high fever. These are both symptoms of the early signs of Ebola.


The woman was rushed to Hackensack University Medical Center, where she is currently undergoing tests for Ebola. Doctors claim she no longer had a fever when she arrived and isn’t showing signs of the virus anymore, but who knows if this is true.

Authorities say she is still being kept in the hospital on Tuesday “in an abundance of caution.”

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According to The Daily Mail, the woman was returning to the U.S. from working as a healthcare worker in Sierra Leone, where over 10,000 people have been infected with Ebola.

Passengers on the plane were terrified when healthcare workers in hazmat suits met the plane when it landed in Newark.

“Everyone’s thinking Ebola,” said E.E. Charlton-Trujillo, a passenger on the plane who added that no officials offered any explanation for the incident.


The workers apparently removed the woman from the flight and made the 261 other passengers and crew members fill out a health form before letting them go with phone numbers to health officials.

Authorities have stressed that even if the woman does have Ebola, it is extremely unlikely that she would have infected her fellow passengers.

However, this reassurance isn’t very comforting when you remember that Ebola could easily be back on U.S. Soil.

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