Anti-Government Movie Director Found Dead In Apparent “Murder Suicide”

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David Crowley, a writer, film producer and Iraq war veteran, was found dead over the weekend along with his wife and young daughter.

A neighbor found the bodies of Crowley, 29, along with his wife Komel, 28, and their 5 year-old daughter Rani inside their home. The neighbor peered through their window and saw the three bodies on the ground with a handgun next to them. It is unknown when the family died, but sources say it was probably around Christmas.

According to Infowars, Crowley served in the army for 5 years and did a tour of duty in Iraq. He met Komel when he was stationed in Texas.

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Details about the deaths are scarce, but authorities allegedly suspect Crowley was behind the killings. Sources say he had been acting strange lately, cutting his hair very short and wearing fatigues at all times.

Police are also zeroing in on Crowley’s latest film project, Gray State, as a reason for his behavioral changes. The independent film is about a brutal police state that features martial law crackdown, biometric identification, heavy surveillance and FEMA stormtroopers rounding dissidents up into camps.



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