De Blasio: The ACORN Mayor of New York

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If you want to know where a politician’s allegiance lies, just follow the money. Since the discovery of George Soros’ funding of the Ferguson riots, new questions have emerged about the presence of his money elsewhere. There should be little surprise some of it would be found in New York. Finding so much of it in the Mayor’s pocket, and the reciprocity that apparently transpired, is a bit of news.

Thursday, January 15, the Washington Times. The Open Society Institute reportedly funneled $33 million or more to protestors/activists in Ferguson. George Soros funds the Open Society. Other groups affiliated with the billionaire who participated in the ‘spontaneous’ protests include: Samuel Dewitt Proctor conference, Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York, Equal Justice USA, Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change, and others. The activities of these groups during the racial unrest included organizing ‘peaceful’ protests, gathering information, and exploiting the news media to further the events there.

So what is de Blasio’s affiliation? He has a history with the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, better known as ACORN. Negative connotations associated with that name led to the re-naming of the group the New York Communities for Change. This group notably lead protests after Eric Garner’s death.

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A group called Act Now To End War & Stop Racism Coalition (ANSWER) conspired with Occupy Wall Street and others to shut down shopping districts in New York just before Christmas. Mayor de Blasio admits he has worked with in the past, and this group also joined both ANSWER and ACORN to riot in Ferguson and New York. Below is a bit of a timeline.

2010: ACORN endorses de Blasio for Public Advocate; de Blasio spent $43,000 with an affiliate of the group (N.Y. Citizens Service, Inc.) for canvassing and data collection.

2010: $115,000 went to ACORN and affiliate New York Agency for Community Affairs when de Blasio was a councilman. de Blasio hired someone from Working Families Party (WFP-Soros) for $33,000 to lobby for election reform. He also spent a reported $67,000+ to hire their for-profit branch, run from ACORN headquarters. WFP also founded the socialist New Party. De Blasio was the New York director of the New Party.(Obama is a New Party member)

2011: Soros invited de Blasio to speak at a panel discussion hosted in the bilionaire’s Fifth Avenue home. They met, spoke, and kept in touch.

2011: de Blasio is public advocate, launched a nonprofit: Coalition for Accountability in Public Spending (CAPS). $400,000 to start the group came from the Open Society Institute (Soros).

2011: de Blasio pursued a law suit against the Target Corporation after it contributed to a local politician. Tom Emmer, the politician in question, opposed a law that would combat the bullying of gay youth. organized a protest with the Tides Foundation (Soros).

2013: public funds awarded to ACORN front group, from the public advocate’s office (de Blasio).

2014: George Soros endorses de Blasio for Mayor.

Affiliations between Soros and de Blasio are numerous, direct, and indirect. Common Cause, Public Citizen, and the Center for Political Accountability are among groups Soros supports financially with which the Mayor is associated.

Former executive director of ACORN, Bertha Lewis, has spoken on de Blasio’s behalf repeatedly.

“I’ve known Bill for decades, and we’ve fought on the front lines together. We’ve organized together,” Lewis said, according to EAG News.

“[He’s] proud to say he’s liberal. [He’s] proud to say he is severely progressive and was proud to stand with me, to back me, to back ACORN, and said, ‘We will march down the street together and I dare you, I dare you, to say something against my friend!’” Lewis continued.

Soros continues to demonstrate his ability to pursue a socialist/marxist agenda through public officials and the city of New York seems to have been a victim. Unfortunately, given the association with Obama, the entire country is also.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Holly Rennels


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