Obama’s Travel To India Slap In The Face Of French and Free Speech

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On January 20, 2015 the first black POTUS will deliver his State of the Union Address just one day after the national holiday in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The agenda his press office has presented to the press indicates he will talk about race relations, amnesty, and his “accomplishments”.

Three days later, Obama will travel with the First Lady and a large entourage of senior officials to India. According to AP’s Julie Pace, “He’s going to India basically for a parade and a visit to the Taj Mahal.” Obama essentially made this same trip in 2010, but that time he did not manage to make it to the Muslim site, aka the Taj Mahal.

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There has been no major terrorist attack in India and there is no pressing “business” there. Just two weeks ago this President couldn’t be bothered to even send a representative to symbolically march for free speech in Paris. His Attorney General was already in Paris, but was not instructed to join the 40 other world leaders in the demonstration of unity against radical Islam. And now, Obama going to visit the Taj Mahal and watch a parade.

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While any thinking person must acknowledge that Obama is a lame duck, and that the march of world leaders was just a march, and that the Taj Mahal was built by a Muslim but is visited by millions every year…one must also wonder, what is he thinking?

At the very least, this is bad PR. Bad PR from the man who got elected with zero executive experience, no record of any significance as a Senator, and pretty much just on his racially charged PR campaign. How did his team miss the fact that this looks bad? And, it looks bad on the U.S. as a whole, not just Obama.

On its face this trip appears to say, “Hey Paris, you are insignificant. I always wanted to see the Taj Mahal and after I blow some smoke up the pants of my fellow countrymen, that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” In reality, even Obama’s supporters appreciate that this trip is meaningless. India is an ally and an important regional partner. But, so is France. The POTUS really blew it on this one.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Holly Rennels

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