New Video Released of Convicted Terrorist Plotting Against U.S.

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January 15, 2012. This video includes a glimpse of Amine El-Khalifi, a would-be-terrorist, at home depot purchasing “thick nails” for shrapnel in his suicide vest.

You also see the homegrown militant testing a bomb in West Virginia. He was dissatisfied with its power and wanted a bigger one. He is captured on film with a fully automatic weapon and members of the FBI posing as Al Qaeda.

February 17, 2012. El-Khalifi was arrested just two blocks from the U.S. Capitol building with a machine gun and a suicide vest.

Fortunately, the FBI was watching and recording his every move. As of June 22, 2012, this Muslim thug will be behind bars for the next 30 years after pleading guilty.

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This video raises an important question, though. What does a terrorist look like? This man was 29 and came here legally as a visitor from Morocco at 16. His visa expired in 1999, so after that time he was an illegal immigrant. For 13 years he enjoyed the freedoms of the U.S. and was working as a D.J. when he began to seek connections to Al Qaeda and found the FBI.

How, exactly, does one remain in the United States, just outside D.C. no less, for over a decade without being deported? It is all the more serious that this individual actually was a terrorist. Was he a terrorist when he got here, or was he radicalized after the fact? It really doesn’t matter. If federal immigration laws had been enforced, he wouldn’t have been here at all.

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This footage should alert all Americans to the fact that illegal immigration means more than poor Mexicans crossing into Texas looking for a job. That matter is serious enough, but there are real threats to this country and immigration reform is something that needs to be a part of all political platforms. Not what Obama is attempting, but an overhaul of the manner in which the U.S. Government looks after our “guests”.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Holly Rennels

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