Duke Reverses Decision to Allow Bell Tower for Muslim “Call to Prayer”

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Oh wow. Political correctness strikes again, and boy is it ridiculous:

From Conservative Tribune:

Duke University reversed a decision to allow the Muslim Students Association to issue the Friday call to prayer from the campus bell tower.The school had originally promoted the plan as a way to increase “religious inclusiveness” at the university. However, after significant backlash, Duke reversed its decision on the grounds that it would have an opposite effect. The plan would have allowed the MSA to conduct a three-minute chant from the bell tower of the Duke Chapel, a Christian church. The MSA already meets on the university quadrangle for the call to prayer — called the “adhan” — after which they move into the chapel basement for the service itself.


Only 700 of 15,000 Duke students are even Muslim, so why they felt the need to be ‘inclusive’ is a total mystery to me. Why would the Muslim students want to use a Christian bell tower in a such a fashion, anyway? It’s not like we all have the same God.

Of course, there were those that had a different take. Osama Idlibi, president of the Muslim American Society of Charlotte, said “I don’t think it accomplishes the religious pluralism that they want to promote at the university,” Idlibi said.

How not so? Are you not still having service in the chapel basement?

I would love to see a Christian minority group insist on this at a Muslim university by using the minaret of a mosque to sound the church bells on Sunday morning. LOL. Not gonna happen.

Too bad Duke didn’t just consider all of these things before hastily making a decision. All this crap could have just been avoided. Maybe they just love drama.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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