[AMAZING VIDEO] Mom Does Crazy Pole Dancing with Delighted Toddler

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Look, I may not have done this with my daughter, but I certainly applaud Ms. Wright’s dedication to attachment parenting. We do not know the whole story, but Ms. Wright often practices acrobatics, yoga and dance with and around her daughter. She is showing her the beauty of the female form and the capabilities of her own body. Pole dancing is maybe a little borderline, but the baby looked like she liked it, and why are we passing judgment on her? Maybe the undies are a bit much as well, but again, Ashley has a beautiful body, and perhaps that is what she is most comfortable in. She is often pictured in short shorts etc, after all she lives in California.

The baby is not abused and looks absolutely happy with mama, and obviously has a close bond with her. Just because many disagree with ONE video she posted, does not mean she is not a good parent. Let her live her life and celebrate the love she shares with her daughter as she sees fit.

H/T: DailyMail
Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie in Twitter @GOPKatie

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