Chipotle Carnitas Fans May Be Out of Luck

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Probably everyone has seen the video of the Chipotle is my life kid. He sure loves Chipotle, and I can relate. Chipotle is so darn good! The uber popular restaurant chain, in addition to tasty food, also practices very strict sustainable business practices, and it has decided to pull pork from its menu at about a third of its locations.


Chipotle says that there are issues with one of the pork suppliers they use. The pigs were not being raised according to Chipotle’s very strict standards. So, Chipotle suspended the contract.

“We found a pork supplier that was not meeting our standards, so we have suspended our purchases from this supplier.” said Chris Arnold, spokesman for Chipotle Mexican Grill to a reporter.

Chipotle’s rules include allowing the animals access to the outdoors, not using antibiotics and providing them deeply bedded barns.

Chipotle wouldn’t name the supplier that failed to meet some or all of those standards.

Niman Ranch, one of Chipotle’s main suppliers, was quick to say “NOT ME” and stated they were working with Chipotle to help meet the demand void caused by the supplier being dropped.

Previously, Chipotle has had other problems and just posted a sign on the door. But they just decided to pull it completely in this case. Well. As a Jewish American, I could give 2 hoots about missing some Carnitas toppings on my burrito. But I am sure the popular topping will be missed, and the company is unable to give a set timeline on when they will return. Good on Chipotle for staying true to their standards and making sure they are providing quality product.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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