Malia Obama Encourages Teenage Girls To Behave Inappropriately


January 15, 2015 10:41am PST

It was a crazy year in the life of Malia Obama. For the first six years of her father’s presidency, Malia and her sister Sasha were kept under wraps and out of the public eye. This year, however, Malia began to take a more public role, allowing the world to see her true personality, and she definitely wasn’t who we thought she was…

“Recently we’ve been able to get a sense of Malia’s personality. The first children are really guarded. We typically don’t see them outside of a staged or scheduled event,” says Essence features editor Lauren Williams.

In 2014, Malia partied in Hollywood and at Lollapalooza, gave her father attitude on live television, and released a selfie of herself in a T-Shirt supporting a violent, anti-police rap group. Experts say that Malia is an example to young girls all over the country, who are now following Malia’s example and acting out in the ways that she did.


“I think in terms of the history of first daughters, she’s definitely the coolest one thus far,” gushed Hazel Cills, 20, who writes for the teen website Rookie.

“Chelsea Clinton was always sort of quiet and in the background. And the Bush girls, I feel like I associate them with an older, more wild teenagehood,” she continues. “Whereas with Malia — she’s very chill, and even the turkey-pardoning video that went around, where [she] and her sister look aggressively bored . . . Me and my friends loved that.”

Malia Mania swept the nation in 2014, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Girls are now looking to Malia to see what she will do next to rebel against her parents and assert her independence.

“I think she’s a really good role model, because she’s dressing the way she wants to dress,” says Tiffany Velez, an 18 year-old applying to college who admittedly follows Malia’s activities online. “She looks like she came straight out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. She looks so cool!”


Malia, who is a junior in high school, seems to thrive under the spotlight. The 16 year-old has an active social life, playing varsity tennis at her ritzy private school and hosting parties at the White House for her friends. She plans to study film in college, which would put her even closer to the celebrity circles both she and her father seem to covet.

It would not be a big deal of young women across America were following the example of a “good girl” first daughter, but is Malia really someone we want our children to imitate? This year, she has shown herself to be an entitled brat who enjoys wild parties and violent rap music…

If Malia Mania continues to spread, things won’t be looking good for the next generation.

H/T: New York Post 


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