Duck Dynasty Star Opens Up About His Wife’s Devastating Affair

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Last week, we reported on Duck Dynasty star Lisa Robertson’s affair that nearly brought her marriage to an end. This week, her husband Al Robertson is opening up about the affair, and revealing how he was able to forgive his wife for her infidelity.

Back in 1999, Lisa had a 14 month affair with an old flame who she happened to bump into again. While Al admits he was devastated by her cheating, he also made it clear that he believes in the power of forgiveness.

“It’s one of those things that you like to say because you know you have to, you read that verse that says, ‘if you can’t forgive your brother then how do you expect God to…’ so you say well all right, ‘I gotta do it’,” said Al, who is a preacher. “One of those things that I discovered, in terms of our marriage is that forgiveness has more opportunity to be received and given in family and marriage then any other place.”

Al went on to say that it is the people we love the most that we spend the most time with,  and, “those are the ones that you’re probably going to hurt or be hurt by the most. It could be a little thing like I was ugly to you this morning and I’m sorry forgive me, or it could be like what we went through where there was a 14-month affair involved.”


Now, the couple has been married for 30 years, but Al admits that the first 15 were difficult for both of them. While he says he never cheated on Lisa, he confesses that he was not the best husband to her during the early years of their marriage.

“I’ll tell you this, whether it’s a huge thing or a little thing the concept that has to happen with forgiveness is that you have to practice the forgiveness” he said, “Which means that you cant use a person’s sin against them or against your relationship to harm you or else true forgiveness never really took place.”

Al then said that even though it was difficult, he was able to forgive Lisa.

“That’s what I did. Lisa and I didn’t know whether or not we could stay together, obviously when there’s a massive breach in the relationship like this it’s not something that can be easily be put back together. So it took a few months, but when I got to the point when I knew I wanted to live with Lisa and when Lisa got to the point where she knew she should change to really make this marriage work. I told her I forgave her I promised her and I also promised God too that I would never use her affair or the things that led up to that (’cause it wasn’t just all her) to harm us or her in the future.”

“If you really forgive somebody you would never use sin to harm them, God would never do that to us, and I really felt for the first time in my life I realized how powerful God’s forgiveness is for me. ‘Cause I just had that glimpse of what it is like to betray him and His response and how powerful it is. So that changed me, and that changed Lisa and I think when I write about forgiveness now that gave me a whole new sense of being able to do that.”

The last few years have been easier for the couple, who say they are still very much in love today. They have recently written a book entitled A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption in the hopes that they can help other couples overcome struggles as well.


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