President Obama, Not Even Voting ‘Present’ Anymore

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When one looks at the schedule of the leader of the free world in the days after a major terror attack on the West, one expects to see security briefings, meetings with Homeland Security, perhaps a military gathering or two. Maybe it just hasn’t been uploaded yet, but when you check out the POTUS official public calendar for January 12, 2015, you see this:

Obama schedule

Really? A new Congress is in session beginning today and Obama was conspicuously absent from the anti-terror march in Paris yesterday.

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What, exactly, is the President doing? Not a single meeting? Perhaps he is planning an event for MLK, Jr. Day.

Nope. Nothing there either. To avoid jumping to the conclusion that an empty public schedule means the POTUS plans to actually do nothing, and not take this as a public hissy fit about the new Republican Congress, one should move on to the blog and news sections of the .gov website for clarification.

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What is the ‘most transparent administration in history’ blogging about these days?

state of the union

The State of the Union Address, of course. This is, after all, a duty specifically assigned in the Constitution. The President must “from time to time” update the citizens as to the state of the Union. Whew! So, what is he doing on January 20th, the date set for the State of the Union Address?

jan 20

Seriously? Obviously, the President does not post his public schedule himself. Whose job is this? Where are they? What on earth are they doing if they can’t even post a public appearance that has been scheduled since the man’s re-election in 2012?

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Perhaps the answer is in the press briefings:

Press briefingsNope, nothing there. No briefing on Paris, terrorism, or the historic anti-terror march the POTUS missed yesterday. What about the weekly address? Nothing since January 3. Speeches and remarks? Not there either, but “America’s Resurgence is Real” according to the latest speech released by the White House.

Statements and Releases, surely there is something under this heading addressing the loss of life in Paris over the weekend.

statements and releases

Okay, now it just looks silly. The President of the United States has no posted public schedule for at least the next 3 months, he has nothing to say about a terrorist attack on a NATO ally, and the people’s website, as it were, doesn’t even mention the events? Embarrassed yet?

Facebook must be the answer. This POTUS puts everything on social media:


Foiled again. This is the latest post on the White House Facebook page. Because the government take over of primary and secondary education has been so successful, the American people should allow them to intrude on college campuses, too….further intrude, that is.

Twitter offers much of the same propaganda as the rest. The United States needs a leader. One who is transparent and at least appears to be working for the U.S., her allies, and her interests. Obama just gets worse and worse.

Written by Holly Rennels

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