Beautiful New Tiffany Advert Celebrates Love For All

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The newest Tiffany ad celebrates love for all kinds of marriages. This ad is the first of it’s kind for the jewelry giant, and surely more to come. This celebrates more than just love – it symbolizes love being accepted no matter who you love, and Tiffany’s has certainly nailed it with this lovely, classy advert:

The iconic, beautiful box. The simple elegance of every store. The quiet class of carrying your little turquoise bag out of the store. The experience of Tiffany’s. Who wouldn’t love that? All couples, no matter who you marry, deserve to have such an experience.

Discrimination against those who live a life differently than you is unacceptable. What folks do in the bedroom is none of anyone’s business but theirs. Tolerance is a lesson all can benefit from relearning. I have seen first hand the pain it causes a gay child of my own, and the hate in the world inflicted on my own brother. Be kind. Love is love, and who are we to judge?

Now, we just need a lesbian ad to complete the panorama of families! Thank you Tiffany’s for your beautiful ad!

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

H/T: Mediaite

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