Bloomberg Reports Weapons Transfers, White House Reports Denial

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Recently reported by Bloomberg, Us weapons meant for Iraq’s military are instead being used by Shiite militias. Many of these militias are commanded by Iranian Revolutionary Guard officers who are still in alliance with Iran.

Of course public denial in the White House abounds. The Obama administrations categorically denies any weapons transfers to the Shiite, but anonymous tipping within has in fact conformed these shady activities. The white house appears to be using plausible deniability of these weapons transfers in order to arm the militias without arming them on paper to help fight ISIS/ISIL within Iraq.


Mike Flynn, former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency explained that the U.S. could account for all of their weapons systems, but that “the accountability of weapons systems, once turned over to any Iraqi, is at best weak and it may be nonexistent.” H/T TheNewAmerican

US Troops were killed by these same militias they are arming in 2007 during the ‘surge’ In the meantime, the U.S. decided it would probably be better to bribe the militias to work with us instead of against us. That developed a working, backdoor relationship between the U.S. and the militia component in Iraq.

Too bad for us, it completely undercuts U.S. operations in the Middle East for Iran-aligned militias to receive weapons.

There are better ways to effectively fight ISIS/ISIL rather that relying on poorly trained, non-sanctioned militias to do our fighting. It’s like handing a toddler a machine gun. Just no.

H/T: Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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