[VIDEO] Would-Be Carjacker Gets Himself Shot!

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This fool certainly got all that was coming to him and then some when he tries to steal this fellow’s car! He got more than he bargained for when attempting to steal this SUV. Not everyone is going to meekly hand over the goods and call it a day. Some of us are utilizing our rights. Remember, criminals, that America is arming itself against the ilk of society like you, and we are FED UP.


The sad thing is if this was a police officer there would be all kinds of fallout on him. this is a prime example of why all Americans should exercise their 2nd amendment rights and carry a weapon. especially true if you live in an area where its a bit, uhm, sketchy. Video surveillance on your private property is never a bad plan, either.

Watch the short clip below and enjoy a would-be thief getting his just desserts:

H/T: YouTube

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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