Ann Coulter Teaches Sharpton a Lesson on Racial Profiling

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Well, Mr. Sharptounge, the facts of the matter are that there is no such thing as racial profiling. Ann states in the video that there was a study suppressed by the Bush administration on NJ State Troopers, that showed they were in fact not stopping as many blacks as they should. Sometimes, there actually isn’t a reason for being pulled over other than your taillight was actually out. Our police officers should not have to avoid pulling people over because of skin color- that is actually encouraging racial profiling. Shame, shame, shame on you.

The Rev. Al Sharpton-  Washington, DC

These fool jumps in on any case and that has a hint of supposed ‘injustice’ and screams racism every single time anything happens between a white and black person. But not if the black person is the perpetrator, oh no. waiting for facts? Not this guy. There are some cases that are racially motivated and most, which are not.

Al cries wolf far too many times. It’s so messed up that one of the most destructive forces for blacks is a black man like Sharpton who is more concerned about the spotlight than the effects of his actions. He could be so much more for the black community.

Ann once again schools the good “reverend” on what racism really is, but as always, falls on deaf ears. Al likes to think that if he gets louder, he is more right. Sorry, my friend. Didn’t work in kindergarten and won’t work now.

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Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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