[VIDEO] Anne Coulter Owns Bill Maher

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First of all, it takes guts to debate on a lame, low-rated liberal talk show where there’s more applause for ANYTHING Maher says over Coulter’s well-put reponses. Listen to how the host uses demeaning language “dominatrix” and “doll”. Almost everything she says is responded to with ”well, OK” or “alright”. Clearly Bill has no succinct reply for her other than what is being fed into his earpiece for his next insult.

This is a woman with more credentials than most. Most liberals, in my experience, argue from an emotional premise and are quick to resort to profanity, calling names, , insults, lame generalizations, and sexual connotations. Coulter wrote an EXCELLENT book on the subject. I wonder if Maher even took the time to read it. Maher is an atheist who uses the Lord’s name in vain – his point of view is quite different than a soul who incorporates God’s ways and laws. These ‘debates’ don’t normally have a real ‘winner’ anyway. Belzer, who is completely irrelevant anyways, spoke in sweeping generalities while claiming that all Ann does is lie and is a fascist-party-doll! What a jerk! It takes an open mind, reading comprehension, and fact-finding in order to find truth. Kudos to you, Ann, for being a strong voice for America’s conservatives.

H/T : Political Liars

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie @GOPKatie

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