Republican House Wastes No Time Making Their Move On Obama

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One of the toughest issues America is facing today is immigration. Specifically, illegally doing so. Veteran and freshly sworn in Republican House members are not wasting any time tackling this issue early in this session of the 114th.


Amendments to the Department of Homeland Security funding bill aim to curb President Barack Obama’s executive action on illegal immigration and target so-called “sanctuary cities”, that release illegals into society before federal officials can deport them.

While these changes will likely pass the Republican controlled House, it is unlikely to get very far in the Senate. If the funding package fails in entirety, Congress will have to go back to square one to find funding for DHS.

Leaders in the illegal immigration fight, Alabama Rep. Robert Aderholt, with Judiciary Chairman Robert Goodlatte of Virginia and House Republican leadership to crafted the package. Specifically, the plan would block funding for amnesty programs like Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and the president’s November ‘executive action.’ Also, it would limit the Obama administration’s use of “parole” that gives it authority to allow immigrants of its choice into the United States and renew the federal program known as “Secure Communities”.

Repealing the President’s executive action on November, as well as preventing similar actions in the future are all important and are supported by this measure, states Mr. Aderholt.

Tough immigration law advocates will probably like the “name and shame” provision of the plan. It would require the DHS to publish the list of “sanctuary cities” and provide information about the immigrants released. The DHS states these cities alone account for the 20% drop in deportation in the last 2 years.

The expectation of the American taxpayer to support these illegals through social welfare programs, social security is ridiculous. Obama’s amnesty plans are breaking the backs of everyone who is a citizen, through birth or legal immigration. Enough is enough.

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Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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