Keystone Pipeline Passes with Surprising Support from Dems

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At long last, America is taking steps to become more energy independent. The hotly contested Keystone XL Pipeline has been approved by the House of Representatives. The pipeline would transport oil from Canada to the United States. This could be the positive boost the economy needs all while lessening the choke hold foreign oil holds on our wallets.

The best part about the vote that was taken is the 28 House Dems decided to ignore Barack Obama and side with common sense – er, I mean Republicans. Several D’s sent a letter to the President, encouraging him NOT to veto this bill when it hits his desk.

Excerpt from the letter:

“The Blue Dog Coalition stands ready to work with you and Congressional leaders to provide stringent oversight of construction and operation of the Keystone XL Pipeline,” stated the letter, “but we cannot miss this opportunity to create good paying jobs and put America on the path to be less reliant on oil from our foes.”

Reps. Kurt Schrader (D-OR), Jim Cooper (D-TN) and Jim Costa (D-CA), all signed off on the letter.

The final vote count on the bill was 266 Yes versus 153 No, according to Roll Call.

Now the last hurdle will be the Senate. No one can predict if it will pass, but recent party control shifts at midterms with a heavy Republican Congress, if I ask the Magic 8 Ball, would say “OUTLOOK IS GOOD”

The Keystone XL pipeline would provide jobs and boost the economy in many states, while the oil itself would likely reduce costs of gasoline. The real win here? Giving the United States independence from oil kingpins in the Middle East.

Don’t forget to write or call your member of Congress and let them know to pass the Keystone XL Pipeline Bill!

H/T : The Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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