World War III: Will It Be The West V. Islam?

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Friday, January 9. Texas. From the headquarters of InfoWars, Alex Jones questions how “real” the terror attack in France actually was. If it was “real”, he asserts that free people should not give up their freedoms in response to such attacks lest the terrorists become emboldened by their success in “taking over” civilizations.

He poses the question, “Would government at least allow terrorists to attack if as a society every time there’s an attack we lose more freedom, even though losing more freedom doesn’t protect us from another attack?” He references corporate and government corruption as well as governmental control of individual lives as his basis for his assumptions and this question.

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Jones goes on to question freedoms being “flushed down a toilet” with wide open borders, welfare states, economic collapse, bankers “taking control”, and political correctness gone wild. “See where this tyranny goes?”, he asks, asserting that governmental tyranny is closer to home than anyone wants to believe.

Referencing the social media postings of jihadists concerning their planned attacks, training, and travel, Jones seems genuinely frustrated by the limitations on free people and the apparent freedoms of terrorists. SWAT teams have visited tourists in various locations due to “blowing up” language related to partying. These terrorists in France, however, traveled to Yemen, posted obviously radical images of AK-47s (from Yemen), and were able to smuggle automatic weapons and rocket propelled grenade launchers back into France….with no consequence.

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“Our government creates a new Islamic army under the name ISIS”, he claims. “Our military gets upset about it..” and refuses to fight for Al Quaeda. Jones makes an interesting connection between successful terror attacks and more funding that may reinforce his argument for corruption and governmental acceptance of terrorist attacks around the world. Referencing recent calls for more laws related to terrorism in the U.S., France, and Great Britain, Jones proceeds to extrapolate that the end game is more government control and less freedom.

Jones claims the missiles under ISIS control are not much larger than the RPGs taken into France. Should we be concerned that the “10,000” he claims they have could be on their way to the U.S. and other Western targets? Are we to believe that ISIS has fighters from the U.K., U.S., and France who offload weapons NATO forces are flying into the Middle East to “fight” the war on terror? Did an Egyptian military officer really claim the U.S. government is arming ISIS? Is Islam just a scapegoat for a more sinister objective by globalists?

This video is nearly 30 minutes and often strays from the primary subject, but if any of what Jones relates is true, or even believed to be true, the U.S. has a serious problem. Jones offers no answer but for citizens to wake up and realize that giving up freedom does not equal gaining security. His ultimate point, as it were, has a very familiar ring.

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety- Benjamin Franklin

Franklin’s words have be paraphrased this way: Those who give up liberty to achieve security will deserve neither and lose both. No matter what one may think of Jones’ reasoning and arguments, most can at least agree on the premise first posed by one of our founding fathers.

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H/T: InfoWars

Written by Holly Rennels



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