Atheist Comedian Tells Terrorists ‘Go F**k Yourself’

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Friday, January 9. Why does an atheist take a “holiday” break at Christmas? Regardless, Bill Maher returned Friday night to stand up for free speech and poke fun equally at all people of all faiths. In his monologue, however, he was both poignant and funny. WARNING: Strong language.

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In five minutes he managed to:

    • Strike a glancing blow at Bruce Jenner
    • Bring up North Korea’s sense of humor, or lack thereof
    • Call the terrorists in Paris A-holes
    • Quote Dick Cheney’s infamous, “go f**k yourself”
    • Praise Charlie Hebdo, the satirical cartoonists attacked in Paris
    • Mock Sony for putting up “less resistance than the French”
    • Celebrate the martyrdom of the three jihadists in Paris
    • Enjoy the irony of the death of one terrorist in a Kosher deli
    • Comically insert “Amish” into a sentence in place of Muslim
    • Make fun of Howard Dean’s asinine political correctness
    • Blame the terror attack in France on pot-heads
    • Be self-deprecating about his obsessive mocking of religion
    • Combine ridicule of ISIS and street magicians
    • Tease the French
    • Taunt Senate Republicans
    • Bring up Chris Christie’s weight
    • AND, scoff at Bill Clinton’s indiscretions



Congratulations, Mr. Maher, you were actually quite funny. Levity is a necessary distraction to the troubled times in which we live. Free speech is something for which everyone in the U.S. should stand up.

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H/T: Mediaite

Written by Holly Rennels

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