DISTURBING Footage of a Baby and a Handgun Lands Couple In Jail

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Thursday, January 8. Evansville, Indiana. Toni Wilson, 22, is the mother of a 12-month-old baby girl. Michael Barnes, 19, is Toni’s boyfriend, but not the child’s father. Police were investigating Barnes for allegedly attempting to sell an undercover police officer a handgun, near an elementary school,  when they discovered this shocking video, and others, of Wilson’s child and a REAL handgun.

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Upon discovery of this horrifying video, police arrested both Barnes and Wilson for child neglect, criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon, and allowing a child to possess a firearm. The child has been placed in protective custody along with 2-month-old twin girls also found at the residence.

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According to her social media profiles, Ms. Wilson is currently unemployed, but used to work at McDonald’s. She “studied” at Ivy Tech Community College. The only thing more prominent in her posts than pictures of her daughter, are pictures of herself tattooed and scantily clad.

toni 2

Barnes’ profile is equally unimpressive. He is apparently the father of the twin girls now in protective custody, although it does not appear Wilson is the mother. He lists no employer, but “studied” at the University of Southern Indiana. He, too, is a fan of both his offspring and his own half naked image.

michael barnes

These two intellectual giants were compelled to film a one-year-old  playing with a firearm with their cellphones while encouraging the child to say “pow” and “bang”. Neither is employed, but both have cellphones with video capability. Neither has a post-secondary eduction, but have managed to reproduce. Both appear to be venturing into criminal enterprise and/or government dependence to sustain themselves. Parents of the year. At one point, they even film the baby putting the barrel of the gun in her mouth. Neither of them makes an attempt to take the weapon from the little girl.

Showing some understanding of her wrongdoing, Wilson claimed she was unaware Barnes had a gun, even though a female voice is heard in some of the videos. She also reportedly told officers the gun was not real, but a pellet gun. One investigating officer called the footage “mind-numbing.”

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It would appear that the permissive society of the U.S. in the 21st Century has lead these two down a path to poverty, crime, and possibly an early grave. Retired radio host Neal Boortz has said there are only 3 rules to avoiding poverty if you graduate high school: Don’t get pregnant or get someone else pregnant (until you are married and can afford to do so), don’t do drugs, get a job … any job … and stay at that job until you have a better one with more advancement opportunities or better pay. If it is too late for Wilson and Barnes to hear this message, perhaps their children will fare better. Thankfully, the baby girl was not injured.

H/T: Daily Mail

Written by Holly Rennels

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