EPIC: Fox News Anchor Hangs Up On New York Times Bureau Chief on Live TV

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Friday, January 9, 2014. Simultaneous terror attacks in Paris, France grab the world’s attention. Fox News Anchor, Shepherd Smith, invites Steven Erlanger, London NY Times Bureau Chief, to explain unfolding events and the warnings of a second Western attack. Erlanger begins his comments by stating, “We need to be careful in the moments after such a thing…” Smith responds, “You don’t have to tell me that.”

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Erlanger continues his remarks, in a condescending tone, by confirming Smith’s assertion warnings had been issued in London, but that all these things are not necessarily linked referencing the “cell” in France. Smith, seemingly irritated by the guests opening remarks, asked “on what matter did you think we were not careful?…” Erlanger, in an ironic bought of honesty, says “frankly, I have not been listening very, very carefully” which seemed to further annoy the anchor.

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Smith follows with “So, you just said that because…why?” Per liberal protocol, the NY Times chief then backpedals with “no, no, I’m not getting in a fight with you…” The two men have a few more seconds of overlapping commentary before Erlanger says, “…either you’re going to let me talk or not.” In an act one can only applaud as epic journalism, Smith then signs off the guest with a “Steve Erlanger…thanks very much” and continues his reporting.

While some may call this rude, it is refreshing when a host/anchor requires actual information from a guest and refuses to ignore political jabs at the network or a viewpoint in the midst of a crisis. Anyone from the New York Times telling any major news network to “be careful” about drawing conclusions is, at the very least, comical. Kudos to Shep Smith for having a spine. More people would watch the news if this type of liberal shutdown were more common.

H/T: Young Conservatives

Written by Holly Rennels

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