Rapper Films Himself Looting Convenience Store, Charges Filed, VIDEO

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WARNING: Strong Language

January 1, 2015. Delvon Irving, who goes by VonMar, rang in the New Year by looting and creating a scene in a Gold Coast 7-11. The rapper, also known for his internet pranks, actually filmed the events that led to felony charges. He and his companions posted the video on You Tube and were arrested for felony retail theft and misdemeanor property damage. Additional footage of a cab ride informed the authorities of his whereabouts. VonMar appeared in court Friday, January 9 to face the charges.

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The video shows the group jumping into a rack of candy, going behind the counter, and even attempting to use a cash register. This behavior is not new to the infamous Chicagoan. He also posts videos of his drug use as seen here.


Stupidity that astounds on display for all to see. He will probably claim he was protesting for Mike Brown or something. In Chicago, that might actually work….or get him invited to the White House.

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H/T: The Gateway Pundit

Written by Holly Rennels

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