This “Devoted” Father Forced His Kids To Have Sex With A Dog

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Just a few months ago, the Las Vegas community saw Christopher Sena as a doting father who always put his children first. Sena kept this reputation going with his loving social media posts about his family that he plastered all over social media.

This is why friends were stunned in August, when Sena was arrested for a laundry list of charges that reveal he is a pervert who practiced both child abuse and incest.

His 23 count charges include incest, bestiality and felony child abuse only begin to reveal the level of abuse Sena inflicted on his children along with his ex-wife Terri, and current wife Deborah.

Sena was arrested in September at the home he shared with the two women and the three sons and one daughter he had with Terri. Police raided the home and found a litany of disturbing evidence, including a home video of two of the children having sex with the family dog.

Sena’s Facebook posts from last August reveal how this father was able to dodge suspicion for years by posing as a loving dad:

“Some more beautiful pictures of me and my wife, don’t we make the best couple in the world, if you think so please give this a like and comment what you think. My wife is always doing something to make me laugh.”

Days earlier, Sena praised one of his children for completing their household chores, saying the child “also learned a valuable lesson, after cleaning up your mess after you make it, its easier to clean the house. And I was really proud of him when we mowed the yard, he stood up and took charge instead of standing around, I think he’s finally getting the hang of things, because I didn’t have to yell at him, I just have one more son to go.”

As they wait for Sena to go to trial, his former friends are struggling to live with the shock and horror about what was going on right under their noses.

“I’ve known you most of my life & never would have suspected you to be such a disgusting pervert,” one self-described longtime friend wrote on Sena’s Facebook page. “… How could you hurt a child?”

H/T: Daily Beast

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