Florida Sister and Brother Caught Having Sex With Each Other, He Ends Up Dead

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A 15 year-old girl has been charged with killing her 16 year-old brother as he slept after suffering years of abuse at the hands of her family.

Court documents say that the brother and sister were caught having sex with each other by their mother back in 2011. This was one year after the girls uncle was convicted for molesting her repeatedly.

The uncle was caught after his wife found footage of him and the underage girl performing sex acts on each other. The video showed the girl sitting down with her uncle, who had his penis out. He then had oral sex with her, which the girl later told police she did not want to happen.

In 2011, the girl’s mother heard noises coming from a bedroom in her home. When she investigated, she was shocked to find the brother and sister having sex with each other. When she asked her daughter what happened, she said her brother had pressured her into it and that she did not want to do it.

Authorities investigated the incident, but nobody was charged.

Since then, the girl’s parents have made a habit out of locking her in her room for up to 20 days at a time when she misbehaves. They even took her out of school, forcing her to be at home at all times.

On Sunday, the girl’s father, who is employed as a truck driver, left for a four day work trip and took his wife with him. They left their daughter in the care of her brother along with her 11 year-old sister, which turned out to have deadly consequences.

Sometime on Monday, the brother locked his sister in her room. She then talked her 11 year-old sister into letting her out, and she immediately took action. Aware that her parents kept a pistol in their room, she grabbed it and shot her brother in his sleep while her little sister kept watch. He screamed for help, but died within a few minutes.

The girl then fled the home with her 11 year-old sister and all the money she could find. They left their youngest sibling, a 3 year-old girl, behind in the home alone with their dead brother.

The girls were eventually caught, and are both being held at a juvenile detention center. Their parents were also arrested for child neglect and failure to supervise.  They appeared in court Wednesday morning and their bail was set at $20,000 each.

Due to the ages of the girls involved, all of the family member’s identities are being kept secret.

H/T: Daily Mail


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