Muslim Terrorists Use A Burqa To Kill 33 In New Attack

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Tragedy struck in Yemen this week when a suicide bomber used a burqa to conceal his deadly weapon.

The man dressed in the feminine garb and snuck into a celebration celebrating the birthday of Mohammad. From underneath his burqa, he detonated the bomb, killing himself and 33 others. According to sources, this death toll will likely rise.

The attack occurred in the city of Ibb, which is majority Sunni. The bombing exposes the hypocrisy of terrorists, who are outraged when any non-Muslim dares to disrespect Mohammad. However, they have no problem killing their own people while they celebrate the life of the prophet.

This unfortunate incident also shows why many countries have banned the burqa. These garbs pose a serious safety risk to all of us, as those who wear them could be concealing as many weapons as they please under there.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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