Obama Girls Involved In Sex & Drug Scandal


January 7, 2015 12:43pm PST

The country has seen a major change in the Obama girls this year. From partying at concerts to their obnoxious attitudes on national television, Malia and Sasha have shown the world that they are very different from the little girls we met six years ago.

Perhaps this change could be explained by the drug and sex scandal that is currently rocking Sasha and Malia’s school. The Obamas pay $70,000 a year to send their girls to Sidwell Friends School, an elite private school in D.C. that is currently embroiled in a cocaine scandal.

Sidwell is also involved in a court battle that is threatening to expose more sex and drugs secrets of the school.

The press has already learned that drug and alcohol use is a major issue at the school, with 71% of students admitting that they have attended parties where both are present. 25% of male students have even admitted to driving under the influence.

“I have seen kids snorting coke, smoking pot, getting high and boozing,” a former student said. “There’s huge money at the school and the older kids host parties at their private residences. Many of them live in big mansions in Washington, or in affluent suburbs where drugs and booze are common.”

A Sidwell graduate named Hugh L. Esbree was recently arrested for “possession with intent to distribute cocaine and methylene (also known as Ecstasy).”

Esbree, 31, was busted for running a drug lab in a luxury apartment in Washington D. C., and he easily could have been selling to students at the ritzy school.

A $10 million lawsuit is also threatening to blow the lid off a sleazy sex scandal at Sidwell which involves the school psychologist, James Huntington. He has since been fired.

The Obamas have tried to support the school, but they are growing disturbed by the behavior they have seen there.

“Certainly, the trouble at the school has upset both Barack and Michelle,” reveals a source close to the family. “Some friends have suggested the girls be tutored privately at the White House, but the Obamas are keen to have the girls’ educational experience be as normal as possible. They don’t want them home-schooled.”

Clearly, the Obamas don’t think their girl’s safety is worth the effort of finding them a new school to attend. Now, Barack and Michelle could be paying the ultimate prize, as Malia has begun showing signs of being a rebellious teen with tons of attitude.

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H/T: Radaronline


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