BREAKING: Michelle Obama’s Lunch Program has Bleak Future


January 6, 2015 2:17pm PST

The National School Lunch Program Michelle Obama forced through has had quite am impact, but probably not the kind she was hoping for.

Students have taken matters into their own hands, starting the hashtag “#thanksmichelleobama,” and have taken it to all forms of social media, showing pictures of the gross lunch choices the first lady deemed ‘healthy’. The problem, is, no one wants to eat it.

Lindsey Russell, a student at a South Carolina high school said about the program, “When lunch ends, I feel that the trashcans are more full than my stomach. If I don’t want an apple or piece of bread and I am handed them, I can guarantee that it will end up going to waste.”

The wasted food has not gone unnoticed by the school districts, especially by the ones keeping track of the budget.

Kids, there is hope out there for you yet. The incoming Republican controlled congress is starting a new session in 2015, and a priority is ending this ridiculous program.

Sen. John Hoeven and Rep. Robert Aderholt, two members of Congress, are rumored to be preparing to roll back many of the mandates local schools face regarding the program by reauthorizing the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act.
Some schools which currently offer this program for budget reasons could start serving meals from 2012, which were a marked better lunch tray than the crap handed out today. (Just as a clarification, not the actual food from 2012, just the recipes)

The CEO of the School Nutrition Association, Patricia Montague, said, “Although well-intended, some of USDA’s rules went too far, too fast, and ended up driving students away from healthy school meals while unnecessarily driving up costs for schools.”

Well intended, my food, Many reports have shown a MAJOR decline in students eating school lunch since 2010 – like MILLIONS.

Kids usually aren’t that choosy – they want food, and they want to socialize. If they have nasty food, they have no choice but to take it to social media. What high school student doesn’t have a smartphone these days?

Clearly, something is messed up with this lunch program. The kids will not eat it. The Republicans in both chambers of Congress are the best shot of getting rid of this frivolous program that is only causing waste and hungry kids.

I’m sure the Obama’s daughters wouldn’t eat this disgusting lunch, and if they were, somehow this stupid program would magically disappear. Gotta love the hypocrisy.

H/T: The Conservative Tribune

Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie


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