Prison Riot Videos Come Back To Haunt Correctional Officers

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For almost nine months, a YouTube series of videos lay dormant, largely unnoticed by anyone. Now, an Ohio Prison official is calling them a “chilling reminder” of the real dangers when working in the prison system.

These videos show the fallout from a deadly riot at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility, located in Lucasville. In 1993, a guard, along with 9 inmates were killed over the 11 day riot. The ordeal cost taxpayers almost $40 Million in damages.

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The Associated Press explains what they show:

The videos feature a narrated tour of the devastation at the maximum-security prison.

The footage shows hallways barricaded by bed springs and upturned equipment, cellblocks littered with debris, graffiti and broken glass and rooms covered in bullet holes and blood. The narrator doesn’t censor the tour, showing the area where guard Robert Vallandingham was restrained and killed, passages where other guards taken hostage were held and beaten and escape and rescue routes taken by those who survived.

The videos are lengthy, about 30 minutes each. Someone going by or possibly named “Jason Carver” uploaded these, and they were taken by a corrections officer. No one knows if these have been seen before, by the public, however Carver comments on one of the videos: “Excellent film footage never before released to the public!”
“The videos, taken by a corrections officer who provides running commentary, are a chilling reminder of the worst case scenario in corrections,” Joanna Saul, executive director of the Correctional Institution Inspection Committee, said in an email posting.
The videos came to light as the committee was preparing for a tour with new state lawmakers, the AP reported.


Written by Katie McGuire. Follow Katie on Twitter @GOPKatie

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